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My thoughts on self help books

In my opinion, Self-help books are helpful. What I think many people does that, they read those books and do nothing. There is a huge gap between reading and applying those in life. Many of us fail in applying it. We just keep reading many books and do nothing. Self-help books are only helpful when we apply our learning in life. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash We only need one self-help book. If we don’t change after reading the one it doesn’t matter how many more we read. Our life remains unchanged. I would say the books which are from the early 1950's are the ones you should consider reading. Modern-day books are mostly a copy or a combination of old books. And I don’t think they are overpriced. We have to accept the fact that self-help is a huge industry and we all need help. As the demand is high the price remains high.

How can individuals bring change to their lives?

"People rarely act unless compelled to" - The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene                                                      Photo by  Brad Starkey  on  Unsplash To work on anything one should have a strong reason. It can be anything. And the reason will drive people to make changes in life. Our life task is to find the reason and work on it.  To bring change in life first one should have self-awareness. Some people by birth will have the drive to focus on a particular thing and work on it for their entire life. But many of us have no idea what to do with life. I was one among them. like everyone I was lost. Once I faced a difficult situation in life, I was forced to come out of that and my friend suggested to start reading and writing. In the beginning, I felt like quitting many times but there was a strong compulsion within that I have to overcome my current situation. and that was my driving force. I didn't read or write because I fell in love with that but I w