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How do I stay positive during tough times?

In my opinion, One can stay positive during tough times by having hope, acceptance of reality, and detachment from emotions.


To believe that things will be ok very soon by expecting a light at the end of the tunnel.

Acceptance of reality

Life is the continuous occurrence of events that include good and bad times. As humans what we can do is manage those events and move further. We don’t have control over things that happens in our life. But we do have control over our reactions to those events. Consider life as a line in an ECG machine. If you are alive it goes up and down. If the line is stable, then you are dead. To live we have to face the ups and downs.

Detach from emotions

This is the most difficult part. Our decisions are mostly influenced by emotions. Even the most mentally strong people in history are forced to take action based on their emotions. Being able to think rationally is a skill everyone should develop. During hard times it's nearly impossible to view things rationally. But to survive we must think rationally. And this is possible only if we can detach ourselves from our emotions.

My technique is to give some time to myself (Maybe crying) so that I can reduce the emotional intensity of the issue. Once I feel better meaning: once I reach a state where I can detach myself from emotions, I start to consider the rational side of the issue. Following this, I can take more rational decisions. I am not saying that this works everything, But it worked a couple of times.

These are my techniques. People are unique and we all have our way of dealing with things. It's better to understand people's perspectives and develop what works for you.


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