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Compromise - A hidden agreement in every relationship

I remember this argument with a senior in college regarding compromises and adjustments in relationships. My argument was “There is no need to compromise or adjust anything in a relationship if both people know each other well”. She said, “ both people have to make compromises if they want to continue in the relationship, It’s an equal effort”.I was so ignorant and arrogant to admit or even consider my senior’s perspective. But then realized what she said when I got into a relationship years later. This happens to many of us. To begin with, many of us don’t know how to choose a partner. We Infatuate and start ignoring the red flags and try too hard to convince the brain that “this is the one”. What happens next is known to everyone.                                                  Photo by  Luke Chesser  on  Unsplash I believe every event in our life teaches us something new. Only those who believe “I know nothing” will see those learning. We must play the role of a student and an obse

Afraid of a career change, Try the skill first approach

Many of us are scared of taking or even thinking of this one decision "Career change". Most of us grew up without having the right direction. I believe that we all are unique. Each of us has at least one thing that makes us different from others. It can be empathy, mental strength, Intellectual ability, Sharpness, attention to detail, multi-tasking, communication skill, or problem-solving skill. It takes years of effort to master these areas but the first step toward becoming an expert is to identify one's area of interest.                                                                Photo by  Quino Al  on  Unsplash Without the right direction, we cannot master any skill and become an expert. Unfortunately, our educational system is not designed to help us find our unique talent. Finland follows a very different type of educational system which is now the world's best educational system and the reason is it is designed in such a way that a kid can identify their int