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Why do people want to learn new things? What makes learning new stuff so special?

If we look deeply into our childhood memories, we viewed the world in a whole different way than now. We saw everything around us in great awe. We had no idea about the world around us. We kept asking questions until we got a convincing answer. By nature, we possess a creative force that constantly looking to make associations and connections between things and ideas. We were flexible and open to anything new. For instance, Imagine how we take decisions or find a solution to a problem. We simply try to connect the information we already have, which includes our experience, life lessons, sounds and images, books, media, etc. Before taking a decision subconsciously we consider all of the above. It's a natural process. And this is called creativity. Connecting the dots.                                              Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash As a child, we always wanted to explore and discover new aspects of the world. But when we grow, the curiosity will reduce as our minds