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The actor within us

Very recently I have noticed that there is a hidden talent within us. We always stood in great awe when actors perform on the screen. The dialogue delivery, facial expressions, body movements, etc. Have you ever noticed that we possess those abilities? May be much better than any actors. Yes, we can act better than any actors in the world. We are the most natural and realistic actors in real life. We hide and express emotions far better than any actor. In movies, while watching an emotional scene people might comment “The actor was living in the scene”. In our real life, we don’t live, But we act.

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We live a life developing and improving our acting skills just to impress others and rarely to survive. In my opinion, there are two modes we tap into in our daily life. I would call it “Active mode and the Actor mode”. In active mode, we are who we are (Original). We express ourselves, whether it’s sadness, fear, insecurities, frustrations, happiness, or any emotions. We will be who we are. On the other hand, when we tap into Actor mode, We simply fake ourselves. And we are excellent at that.

For Instance, notice the last time you fake a smile when you get offended by a comment. The moment you hide your feelings to avoid an argument with your girlfriend, The day you nodded your head just because the majority nodded. The day you compliment a colleague of yours when he/she got promoted and transferred to a client site with a great package even when you felt envious? I once felt the same, I hate to admit this. I am a human, It’s natural to feel.

These are some random situations. Here comes the most dangerous scenario where all of us equally tap into actor mode ‘What others think about you”. I still wonder who invented this thought. There must be some interesting story behind the formation of this thought. This is something hard-wired in our brains since childhood. Our parents want us to act and behave in certain ways that they think are right. We are trained to think in such a way that we need to consider ‘What others think about us” before every decision we make. When we think too much about what others think about us we don’t get time to think about what we need.

In my opinion, Most of the time we all are super active in our actor mode. This results in detachment from our original selves. We act and act and become the best actors in the world. We hide our emotions from all around us, and we believe expressing our true selves is a sign of weakness. As we are reluctant to show the truth about ourselves, like weakness, inadequacies, or flaws we often feel lonely or helpless. We are humans, we are Interdependent, and we need help. For some, asking for help is a sign of weakness. We don’t want to project ourselves as weak. But, By doing this we are not realizing the price we pay. I would say this is one of the major reasons for human suffering.

In my previous blog, I wrote about wearing masks. We learned how to create different masks for different scenarios. We wear the mask of happiness, confidence, courage, peace, and all sort of emotions that are generally accepted and looks cool. We chase happiness instead of creating a peaceful life. We need to develop skills that help us to maintain peace in life and it can be attained only by throwing away the masks we carry and tapping into active mode. I know it’s not easy. I am trying to be myself since I don’t know when, and most of the time, I fail. But it’s worth trying than continuing to suffer.

At least once in our lifetime, we will encounter reality. It’s a flash of force that questions our actions, but most of us ignore this and continue actively developing more and more masks by distractions. We knew that there is something wrong with our life. What you seek is within you. Be Original.



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