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Here is the reason why we procrastinate

We are unique in some way or another. Nothing works well for everyone. We can try to understand all tricks and tips and develop and follow something that best suits us. For that, we need to try all available options.

In my opinion, discipline is the solution to almost all problems. For Instance, You have decided to write a challenging exam. And you know that it's not that easy to crack the test and to do that you have to practice hard. Imagine you are a lazy person who always procrastinates. Anything that can kill laziness and procrastination is to have a strong reason to do something. Clearing the test may be your goal, But you must have a strong reason to take action. And this is the reason that’s going to help you get up from your bed every day and beat procrastination.

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Most of us have goals. But what stops us from pursuing it is the lack of a strong reason. And the reason should come deep within you and that will be your life’s task. In the beginning, you will find numerous reasons. But finding the one that sets fire in you and shines within you irrespective of anything is what matters. You will know that once you find it. You will feel it. It's a knowing. 

By reason, I mean your emotional commitment towards what you are doing which will be translated directly into your work. If you approach something with a half heart you won’t get the expected result. Again if you are doing something for the money you will lack the essence of what you are doing.  Having the reason is just the start. It's just a push from the inside. What makes you go further is consistency in what you do. Once you find the reason fix a routine and follow it. 

You will feel de-motivated in the beginning. Our brain takes a certain amount of time to adjust to the new routine. Give it time. Once your brain is wired to the new routine, things look easy. The only thing you have to do is to push yourself until you reach a point where you don’t have to push. What determines your determination is your ability to push yourself when you don’t feel like following the routine. Consider it as a test to check if you are capable enough to handle the goal that you are trying to achieve.

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