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Here is the reason why we procrastinate

We are unique in some way or another. Nothing works well for everyone. We can try to understand all tricks and tips and develop and follow something that best suits us. For that, we need to try all available options. In my opinion, discipline is the solution to almost all problems. For Instance, You have decided to write a challenging exam. And you know that it's not that easy to crack the test and to do that you have to practice hard. Imagine you are a lazy person who always procrastinates. Anything that can kill laziness and procrastination is to have a strong reason to do something. Clearing the test may be your goal, But you must have a strong reason to take action. And this is the reason that’s going to help you get up from your bed every day and beat procrastination. Image source: Most of us have goals. But what stops us from pursuing it is the lack of a strong reason. And the reason should come deep within you and that will be your life’s task. In the beginning,

The actor within us

Very recently I have noticed that there is a hidden talent within us. We always stood in great awe when actors perform on the screen. The dialogue delivery, facial expressions, body movements, etc. Have you ever noticed that we possess those abilities? May be much better than any actors. Yes, we can act better than any actors in the world. We are the most natural and realistic actors in real life. We hide and express emotions far better than any actor. In movies, while watching an emotional scene people might comment “The actor was living in the scene”. In our real life, we don’t live, But we act.                        Image source - We live a life developing and improving our acting skills just to impress others and rarely to survive. In my opinion, there are two modes we tap into in our daily life. I would call it “Active mode and the Actor mode”. In active mode, we are who we are (Original). We express ourselves, whether it’s sadness, fear, insecurities, frustration