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Career change

As humans, we always prefer to be in our comfort zone. We are scared of uncertainty. Many of us like to lead a life with the perfect plan. We want things to happen according to the plan and we believe we can control everything. Unfortunately, it's the opposite.

One of the greatest learning in my life is that we have less control over everything that we believe we have control of. For instance, just imagine how one behaves when they are angry and stressed out. We often say "I don't know why I behaved like that, I am not someone who reacts like this, some demon inside me came out, etc. The reality is we don't have control over our own emotions. Then how are we going to control others and our life?

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I was always in doubt about my strengths and qualities. I used to criticize myself for everything. I used to believe "I am good for nothing" until I figured out there is something I am interested in. I took a break for almost a year trying to figure out what should I do with my life. I didn't want to work as I was completely against the concept of working for someone. At the same time, I lack the confidence to start something on my own as I didn't have any idea on how to start or manage a business. Somehow I convinced my mind to start searching for jobs as I reached a state where I cannot ask for money from my father and the same turned out to be the only motivation to work.

After several months of the job hunt, I got placed in a wealth management company. But within 45 days I quit. I realized that it was not my cup of tea. I started to find jobs in the finance/banking sector as they pay really well. After two months I got placed in an Investment bank. I thought this job is going to change my life. But after 6 months, I realized this is not what I am supposed to be doing. 

I had this intense feeling to find something which I love doing or something which matches my skill set. I quit after a year. Now I am jobless and have no clue on what to do. I decided to seek help from my professors and my friends who were working in different sectors to understand other job options and their nature and what I will be doing on a daily basis if I pick one.

This actually helped me to find something meaningful. We are always busy finding what is good for us and what works for us. But we seldom find time to understand what doesn't work for us. It's equally important to understand what we need and what we don't. This understanding will help us gain clarity on many things and can guide us to take better decisions in life.

After consulting many people and from my own self-analysis I decided to find a job in marketing and I found one. I was not sure if any firm will consider my resume as my experience was not relevant. I believe we all have the ability to convince people if we have a genuine interest in something. We need to promote our interest and make others feel that we are worthy. As most of us think less of ourselves many of us don't even know that it's possible. People always depend on their experiences and knowledge whilst looking for their next job. I did the opposite. I understood my skill set and the areas where I can use the same skills to find a job than depending on my prior experience. And that worked.

I also have my own insecurities. I lacked confidence, my communication skills were not great, my writing skills need to be improved, I am envious, and many more. But somehow I was able to convince my mind that I should start taking initiative. No one is going to save me. If I really want to achieve something I have to get up and start working. 

Now I work as a marketer. I am loving my job and I believe I found something that matches my talent and skill set. I am exploring more options where I can learn and challenge myself and make better use of myself so that I feel alive.

Career change is scary. The first thought that comes to our mind is "will I get a Job?" the answer is "YES". But it requires a lot of patience, commitment, and a strong interest to pursue something very new. Among the three, interest is the most important factor that drives us to take action. So finding our interest is crucial.


  1. This hits true to the soul. Such a neat narrative 🙌


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