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Career change

As humans, we always prefer to be in our comfort zone. We are scared of uncertainty. Many of us like to lead a life with the perfect plan. We want things to happen according to the plan and we believe we can control everything. Unfortunately, it's the opposite. One of the greatest learning in my life is that we have less control over everything that we believe we have control of. For instance, just imagine how one behaves when they are angry and stressed out. We often say "I don't know why I behaved like that, I am not someone who reacts like this, some demon inside me came out, etc. The reality is we don't have control over our own emotions. Then how are we going to control others and our life? Image source:- I was always in doubt about my strengths and qualities. I used to criticize myself for everything. I used to believe "I am good for nothing" until I figured out there is something I am interested in. I took a break for almost a ye