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Every NRI has a story

"All who succeed in life get off to a bad start and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive" -NAPOLEON HILL

On the outskirts of North Kerala, their lives a Multi-Millionaire who created everything he wanted from nothing. He was born to a landlord along with 8 brothers and the eldest.

He was so studious, passionate to be rich, optimistic and a go getter. He is a man who finds different techniques or methods for achieving his goals rather than finding excuses or reasons for not achieving it.

He grew up in a period when poverty was inevitable in the village, a period when 3 times food considered as a luxury. They used to get new clothes only once in a year, ie, during ONAM (Festival of Kerala).

The alcoholic landlord sold out all their wealth and end up in a debt. As the elder son, naturally, the whole responsibility was put down to the shoulders of a 16-year-old boy. The young boy considered it as his duty and an opportunity to bring back all those the family lost till now.

He started to work part time in a small departmental store during evenings and take special tuition's for kids on weekends. But this was not enough.  Then he started to give loans at low interest to the farmers, which then turned to his major source of Income. 

Here comes the uncertainty. The drastic change in climatic condition results in a heavy loss for the farmers.

The young man lost all the money he lent. The condition prevailed for a while. But these instances had no power to put down the young boy. This was the time the boy joined for his under graduation.
He realized "Business is the only way through which one can be rich".  He then partnered with one of his friends and started to work as middleman between the wholesalers and retailers. They collect orders from the retailers and deliver goods from wholesalers. From this, they earn a commission from both the wholesalers and retailers. Things went well for some months. Again the uncertainty attacked him. Due to a personal problem, he was not able to accompany his partner a day. That was the year end when they have to settle all the due amounts.

"He had already informed the wholesaler that he won't be able to come, so he will send his partner. On next day morning, a call came with a familiar voice. It was the merchant from whom they used to purchase goods. He came to inform that the partner had not arrived yet. The merchant had waited for a long time, but he hasn't arrived.

Literally, the partner of the young boy Vanished. He vanished with no trace.

But the Impact was so hard. He still remembers, for almost 6 months the family had only tapioca and water to eat and drink. His vanished partner presented him almost 2,00,000 INR debt (during 1980's). This was the Incident that taught him "the only thing one can trust in this world is oneself".

Between the conversation, his wife came with a cup of cardamom tea, which I felt the most delicious tea I ever had.

We three talked for a while. After some time a phone call from their son, which separated us from the conversation.  " It will take at least an hour, so let's continue," said the man with a smile on his face

Finishing the last sip of the most delicious tea which I ever had, I noticed a Portrait of an army officer. 

Pointing towards portrait I asked the Man "Who is that?" he replied with a boisterous laughter " Oh young man..IT's ME". that was taken when I participated the republic day parade in 1982. whilst all these difficulties, I also joined NCC (National Cadet Corps) during my under graduation. I was very much active and thus got a chance to participate".

Remembering the Universal truth whom to trust and whom not, he decided to move on, he planned to start a department store, but now the problem is the capital. The rich people in the village know about his situation, they refused to rent him money because of his debt background. 

Weeks and months went on, but he found no way.

Finally, his mother gave him the only gold chain and a bangle left with her. reluctantly, he took what his mother handed over him and sold it and got some money. It was not enough to start a business, but somehow he managed. This was the time when he completed under graduation and decided to do Post Graduation distantly.

Two years passed. Now he is a Post Gradate business man.

Things went well until the day he saw the notice of the government. The Government of the state decided to widen the roads. The shops situated in certain places should be moved. his shop was situated in the heart of the town.

Having no other way, he moved his shop to another location.But the new location was not able to produce the expected business. somehow he managed to push the shop for one more year. Now he realized, There is no point in doing business here. He sold out the shop to someone else.

Being a post graduate, he can apply for a government job, where life gets settled and secure and will get more marriage proposals, live an average life and move with a flow. But the life till now had taught him many lessons. From that knowledge, he decided not to settle or be secure. All the struggles he was been facing, all the toughness he overcame had not let him stay back but made him strong enough to move on. He decided "I don't want my children to experience what I had experienced" 

He was a man who always feard of being average.

Thinking and having no idea of what's next. One day, a friend of him who realized learning is a hard job for him at the age of 10, now working in the Middle East (Dubai), offered him a Visa. The man realized, "this may be the next door. It's opened for me. If I hesitate to get inside, it's going to the worst decisions I ever took". He followed his instinct. 

The money he gained from the sale of his shop was close enough to get the Visa. A 23-year-old boy with a lot of experience with life now decided to move to the next phase of life.

Disclosing the truth that he is a post graduate, seems impossible to get a job in the supermarket. So he hides it from everyone. For a keen observer and a quick learner like him, it was not a big task to learn Arabic. Within a month, he learned to speak Arabic like his mother tongue. He is now fluent in five languages. English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Arabic.

"The truth cannot remain hidden for a long time"The behavior of the man, how he deal with different people who speak different languages, the way he speaks and the topics he discusses in a group, all developed a doubt in the owner of the supermarket who is a Keralite. A day the owner called him and enquired about the educational qualifications. This time the men hesitate to lie the owner whom he considered the most clever and honest. He said the truth. He said why he lie initially, his life story, his struggles, his family conditions etc.

"The silence remained in the office for a while, when my mind is filled with fear of dismissal, not because I hide the truth, but I lied. breaking the silence the owner asked me. can you take special tuition for my grandchildren?"

I still don't know what I experienced that movement, what I felt, no reaction in my face. 
The owner asked me "Are you here". answer me, Can you?. My son was searching for a tuition teacher who can teach my grandchildren at our home. He is struggling to find one. do one thing, you can take classes during weekends.

Haven't get rid of what I am experiencing, I agreed. with his permission, I left the office room, but my mind is still in the shock.

Everyone in the world will get a chance like this, sometimes we may not expect. the only thing we can do is to realize it and take advantage of it.

With experience in taking tuition's in my village, I found no difficulty to teach my owners, grandchildren.

Now his earnings increased. Slowly, he became popular among the Keralites. They requested to take classes for their kids too. He is now able to make more money that from the supermarket. He talked to the owner that, he is getting more students, so he planning to quit this jobs and would like to focus more on teaching. 

Seeing the success of his employee, merrily the owner agreed on the wish of his employee.

Years went. He got married. He brought all his brothers who were jobless and helped them to find a job in the middle east. He also opened take away food courts in different parts of Middle east (Dubai).

After some days, unexpectedly he got a call from his old owner of the supermarket.

He is planning to sell his supermarket. The owner asked the man to spread the news within his friend's circle and ask them to contact him if anyone is interested.

He shared the news with all of his friends, but no one was really interested.

The man thought for a while, " Why can't I". 

Finally, he decided to buy the supermarket from where he started everything. 

When every formality was done, the owner came near the man, hugged him and told: " I am really proud of you". I saw many people throughout my life, but I didn't found someone like you who dedicated the whole life for the family. I was always surprised of how you face problems, how you overcome it and all. Keep Going son. God bless you"

He continued to take care of the business as well as teaching. Within five years of time, he opened 2 supermarkets, diversified his business to textiles, furniture, automobiles etc. 

Handing over the key of responsibility to his three son's, now he is planning to spend rest of his life by traveling, one of his dreams.

30 years of experience had taught him things which no universities in the world could. "The life by experience". 


When he finished telling his story, he added one more thing, which I believe the most valuable message or a lesson which any one of us won't get from any School, B- School or any colleges.

"Life is not what you think, what I experienced or what others teach you. It always remains as an incomplete statement. No one I think can give you a perfect definition of life. People around you may ask you to live the way they lived or the way the society is expected to be. Just don't care. What I realized from my life is, do what your mind ask you to do. Do something that makes you happy or something that brings you happiness. I won't tell you that life is not hard, you may feel hard only when you accept life is hard, else everything you experience is just lessons. Learn from whatever you experience and make a decision to move, not to stay back or give up.

There will be people around you to stop you from your goals or put you down when you struggle. Believe me,  There is only one who can motivate you, put you forward, IT'S NO ONE ELSE, BUT YOU. ONLY YOU.

Always remember the words of the German Philosopher: Friedrich Nietzsche, when circumstances or people put you down.





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