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Yesterday on my way from Cochin, I experienced something really interesting. Had a wonderful talk with a strange lady.
1.   A lady around 35 years of age was carrying a child. She was not only carrying a child but also a long chain of key chains, pens, and drawing books for kids, some stationeries for sale. Normally we use to see people like her on trains and buses. But she was really a different lady. She came nearby me and asked “Sir, I have some good collection of key chains, pens, comb, kerchief. Please have a look”.  Actually, I don’t want anything, but the child in her hand attracted me with a cute smile. So for that, I decided to buy two key chains so that she could buy something for her child.

Time passed by many men and women passed selling different items, some beggars also passed by.

2.   After some time I had noticed another lady carrying a child. But she was only carrying the child, not like the other lady. Actually, she was begging using the child. Within a while, she reached near me and told: “Sir please give me something to buy milk for the child”.  Again the cute innocent smile of the child attracted me. I gave her 50 rupees. The lady walked to the next compartment giving me a thank you, repeatedly begging in the name of her child.
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Roughly after 30 minutes, I noticed the first lady coming back. She reached near me. I was standing near the door. She wants to get down the next station. The child kept on smiling. I think there is always a mysterious power behind the smile of a child. It always makes me happy and gets out of stressful thoughts from daily life.

Just for a curiosity, I asked the lady “How do you manage this” because carrying a child at the same time carrying all these things, “How?” She replied, “Initially it was difficult, but now I get used to it.” Getting more curious I felt I wanted to know a little more about them. I asked “Do you have a home, I think it’s not safe staying on the bus, train terminals with a child” she replies with a smile “3 years back I lost my husband in an accident. I am an orphan. I was carrying when I lost him. Literally, I don’t know what to do, I was new to the town. Life started to crumple me, starting with the house owner sending me out for not paying rent, carrying a child without a job. I need to find food not for me but for my child. The only thing came to my mind is “BEG”. Have you noticed the other lady passed by earlier? In fact, she is my friend, sorry she was my friend. We both started to beg.

I gave birth 1.5 years ago, she too. We both lived by “Using our child” told the lady shredding tears. Yes, sir, I ate by selling my child. I use to beg to everyone showing my child, ”Please give something to feed my child”. But a small incident made me think. I found the travelers caring their children, how mothers nurse their children, how they protect them, how they value them. At the same day, an elder woman asked me, “Children are like gifts of God, will someone sell the gift of god”. That question made me think. I went back the station side small hut and lost in my thought for the entire night. I felt so guilty. I love my child so much, but why I haven’t thought about this. I took a decision. I will stop this drama right now. I have to do something else to feed my child. Definitely, God is going to penalize me whatever I did till today.
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The whole day I thought about doing something. Finally, I decide to sell something to the travelers than selling my child. I looked my pouch. Found some money. I bought 10 key chains and sold it. Sir. You can’t imagine the pleasure I felt that day.
I shared this with my friend but she was not able to understand what I felt. And now she is not my friend. I pray every day to change her because she is selling God’s Gift. Two years ago I was staying in a small hut, not even a hut, just a shade built of plastic waste. Now believe me sir, I stay in a rented house. Feeling so happy. My child is 1.5 years old now. I want to give my child a good education, teach how to leave independent, the knowledge about the good and bad faces of the society”. The station arrived. Before replying anything, eyes filled with tears, and a goodbye, she vanished into the crowd. I saw a fire in her speech. Though I was not able to tell her anything, I spoke to myself  “Don’t worry I am sure that your child is going to excel in life. Your child will make you proud a day”.

The interesting part is I don’t know the name of the lady, the child and also I don’t know the gender of the child. But they taught me something. I was thinking, for a single question she had replied such a descriptive answer” “why” I kept on thinking. She can end up life being a beggar, eventually when the child grows up the child will also be a beggar, but something transformed her.  “The incident which she uses to see every day, but that day was something special for her. The day made her think, the day made her choose, the day made her decide.
Yes!!  It’s time to think, what is our purpose?
                                                               Everyone has a purpose in their life
                                                              Some will find it early
                                                             Some will realize when they experience an incident
                                                             Some may or may not, even they experience.

It’s up to us who have to Think, decide and move. For people who think life is crumbling and scrunching you. This is a perfect real life experience. If an uneducated, dependent, helpless lady can think like this, why we can’t?



  1. Really moving,but at the same time an eye opener.Life is what u choose and what u do with it.Take the right decisions n destiny will come our way........Kudos

  2. Wow gokul. Beautifuly pictured...
    Usually people describe purpose or meaning of life by quoting inspiring lives of celebrities or corporate giants like Steve jobs or colonal sanders ect... But you portrayed it beautifuly by the life of this real life unsung heroine.

    God bless them and us too to think about the real meaning of life or the purpose of existence in this planet.

  3. Nicely written, Gokul! Moving and thought-provoking

  4. Great Thoughts Gokul.. Keep writings.

  5. Hi Gokul,
    I really appreciate your effort. Keep Going

  6. Well written Gokul :-) It's not just about their life, but it's also about the change that they could bring in your/the readers' life

  7. Thank you Gokul for considering the mother and the child for some time. It's not only about the experience but the pain and the hard times that she and her child undergoes. Most of the people today don't care about them or their situation. I'm happy that you spent some time to know them atleast. God bless you and God bless those needy people through you me and many other people. Thank you

    1. Thank you Bharath. anyone can spend at least a minute thinking what's really happening around us. der is lot to learn from what we ignore. THINK!

  8. Touching n thought provoking... Nicely portrayed... thanks for sharing

  9. Good one Goku..... Keep going..... Write more.... Good luck

  10. Beautiful........ It shows how a person can change his or her life even at worse situations
    Keep writing...

  11. It is difficult to extract the deeper meaning from insignificant incidents of life. You have done a great job! Keep up the good work! :)


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