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Perseverance: - "Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success".
                          Source: - Google

Since yesterday morning my internet connection seemed slow, I restarted the modem, again and again, but still, it was slow as a snail. I called the service provider a couple of times but as usual received no response. Then I decided to visit their office which is a couple of kilometers from my home.
I went to the kitchen to tell my mother that I was going to the BSNL office. My kid cousin Anirudh was sitting on the kitchen slab playing a video game.

 After seeing my mother I went to the office. The officer in charge heard my complaint, checked and told me there was no problem with the connection. She said maybe the modem may not be functioning well and asked me to bring the modem so that she can check. I went back home after almost an hour at the office.

When I reached home I found my cousin playing the video game at the same place. He was completely focused on the game. I took the modem and went to the office again and had to wait for a little to meet the officer in charge. She came and checked the modem and told me there was a software error in the modem and asked me to wait for 30 minutes as the technician was working in the field.
The technician came, checked the modem and fixed the error. I am so happy and relieved.Can’t imagine a day without internet. Again, an hour spent at the office.

Reached home at 11:30 AM and went straight to the kitchen to drink some water. Again found my cousin playing the same game at the same place. The only difference was that the charger was connected now. 

Asked my mother if he was playing the game from morning itself and she told he started from 09:30 A.M. I was curious and sat beside him. Tried saying Hello, and he shut me up saying, “Don’t disturb me. Again”

I asked him
"What happened? I saw you playing from morning itself and its almost 2 hours, what's the matter?”

Him: "Bro, the highest score is by my brother (Ananthan), it's 56,000. It's the high score. I want to break it before 3:30 PM" 
I asked," Why 3:30 PM?" 
“It's because my brother will reach at 3:30 PM. before he reaches home I want to break his score".
 I told him to keep going, and that he will win.

I became little more curious to see what is going to happen. He started playing again, again, again, etc. he played 16 times and failed. He tried once more. Yes, the 17th try was a success. I don't have an exact word to describe the happiness I saw in his face and his actions.

Source: Google

I wondered, literally I learned a lesson from him. Just imagine! For almost 5 hours he was completely dedicated and focused. The only thing in his mind was to break the high score before 3:30 PM. No other thought came to his mind, he was not even willing to focus the things happening around him.

Learning: "if you really really want something, if you are ready to try hard, if you are focused, if you are determined, no one or nothing in this world can stop you from achieving that"

I learned this from a kid. I would also like to use this example as a proof of my formula to success which had already mentioned in my first post.

Success= Patience+ Perseverance

I thought about my school days. I still remember when I was in 5th standard my Moral Science teacher taught me about the story of " The King and the Spider". how a failed king changed his attitude by watching a spider building his web.

I also remembered the stories I heard and learned during my PGDM, the success stories of:

Jack Ma-  The founder of Alibaba 
J K Rowling- The famous Author ( Harry Potter )
Bill Gates- Founder of world's largest PC software company ( Microsoft).
Steve jobs- Apple.

The thing I  realized is that we all had an attitude like my cousin a long before. but when we grow up, something starts stopping us, it's nothing but "FEAR"

We started asking questions  like, "what if I don't achieve?  , what if I loose?, do I have the capability?, am I fit for this?. if I loose what others think about me?, will I loose the interest after a while? etc. etc.etc. "

The fundamental thing I learned is, the reason for our failures is nothing but these questions. I urge everyone to think or start asking yourself "  what if I win?. definitely, you will feel the change.

Remember one thing " behind every success there is an untold or unseen hard work, pain, dedication, sleepless nights, focus, determination"

once again I would like to remind my formula towards success

Success= Patience + Perseverence

I would like to conclude this post by a famous quote from the Bible " If you have faith.... Nothing shall be impossible unto you". (Matthew XVII.20)



  1. Thank you!
    It was such a motivating one, Gokul. I was amazed by the way you derive the great perceptions about life from very small or usually unnoticed events in a daily life.
    This style reminds me about the famous Malayalam short story writer, T Pathnabhan, who has almost similar style.

    It was simple and meaningful.

    Happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much!! Happy New Year :), Stay Blessed!

  2. Super one.. hidden talent ����

  3. Good observation...!
    And formula also I liked-
    success = patience+perseverance

    1. Thank you Anooj! Glad that you like the formula. Apply in your life and feel the change :)

  4. Really thoughtful and inspirational ..
    liked it..

  5. I Hope, that one day i get to see your name among those personalities :D!!wish u all the success..Have a great year ahead brother...# good post

    1. "We are what we think of" Thank you Ram :) Happy new year!! stay blessed :)

  6. Good one mate!
    Perseverence- Something most of us lack today.

    Success= Patience + Perseverence..Insightful!

  7. You are True. Patience is also something we lacks today. As Simon Sinek said " What the younger generation neeeds to learn is Patience".

  8. Exactly patient and try in silence ..... u will be rewarded


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