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Burn the fuel


For 10 days I opened my blog and sat there for hours thinking what to write. I always believe that "What you are seeking is always seeking you". Yes!! What I was seeking came to me as a phone call.

A friend of mine called me to wish New year. As he was busy with his job and projects, he was not able to reach on Jan 1st. He told me "I was out of station for a couple of weeks, that's why I was not able to call you or text you. I went to the USA for presenting my dream project. Yes dude, finally my dream has become a reality. They accepted it". 

Every time before ending the call he says  "Thank you Again my dear friend".

Let’s say my friend's name is Mr.A ( not willing to reveal his real name) he is my childhood friend, but after schooling, we seldom contacted each other. We both chose different courses and moved to different places.

May 10th 2015 was my sister's marriage. I invited him along with all my friends. As he had to travel a long distance he was not able to reach on time. But somehow he managed to reach before we left the auditorium. I was totally surprised seeing him. He had totally changed, his appearance, the way he used to be before, Everything had changed. He looks sort of desperate. I welcomed him and introduced to my sister and brother in law. 

After some time he came to me and told that he is leaving. From the time I saw him I was thinking what happened to him. Why is he like this. What would be the reason. Do I need to ask him. So many questions flowed into my mind.
Finally, a thought came to my mind " If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO".  So I asked him "Dude! what happened, are you ok? I feel like something is wrong, is it so? Initially, he was behaving like nothing happened, he said he was fine, but still, I was not convinced. I asked him again "if you have any issues tell me yaar, maybe I can help you".

Finally, he told me. Actually, he wanted to be a well-known engineer and an inventor. I still remember he used to make practical models in exhibitions. He had a real talent for those stuff. He graduated with 98% marks in Mechanical Engineering.

I asked him, “Then what's the problem yaar.”
He told me his parents want him to be a Government Employee. “They want me to be in a secure job and get settled, but that's not my dream, I don't know how to convince my parents, I don't Know, I really don't Know". Literally, he was shedding tears. Somehow I managed to console him.

I asked him" Did you discuss this with your parents? "NO, I am afraid of my dad. I don't know how he will react. I don't want to hurt my parents" I told him it's not about hurting your parents. "I think you have to discuss with your parents. You have to convince them".

I told him "Life is too short" if you end giving up your dreams, you are going to regret after 30 years. What you can do now is talk to your parents. Surely, they will understand you. You have to show the courage. "Things are impossible in this world only when WE think it's impossible"

The problem with you is" You are afraid of many things" My dear friend remember one thing " FEAR IS A FUEL, BURN IT, YOU CAN PERFORM WELL".
Source: Google

After 3 weeks I received 6 missed calls from an unknown number. As I was busy with my projects in Mumbai, I ignored it. Late night again I received a call from the same number. That was him, my old friend. "He told me, your words opened my eyes. I talked to my parents. At first, they disagreed. It took me a week to convince them partially, somehow they agreed. Now I think I am the happiest person in this world. Yes, My dear friend, I got placed in Ford India, Chennai"

Success won't come overnight, but something that leads us to success is nothing but a decision. A decision at the right time. That decision is the driving factor for success.

Consider yourself as a V12 engine. If you have fear of doing something, use it to burn the engine. it will provide you the ultimate performance within you.

There is an old saying

"It's not what you think you are that holds you back but what you think you're not"

Thank you.


  1. Wow... Thanks for inspiring your friend to chase his true passion.
    Infact that incident through this blog will be a motivation for many.

    Truly you stand as a representative of youngsters with the insight and perspective of a matured and experienced adult...

    1. Thank you Manoj! you'r feedback's are always motivating me :)

  2. Truly inspiring .This blog reflects the typical malayali mindset to play safe n land in a govt job.No wonder we have very few entrepreneurs here.
    May this blog enlighten those minds which grope in the dark to pursue their dreams.
    Best wishes Gokul Waiting for ur next one

  3. That was really inspiring man.
    That really reflects current generations mindset.
    Truly inspiring words.

  4. Hats off to you for successfully convincing your friend to follow his true passion! Continue with your noble deeds and keep sharing such inspiring work.


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