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Ask questions over questions

Hi, I still remember, when I was doing my Post graduate program I used to ask questions, mostly doubts. One day In my statistics class where I seldom listen, I asked a question to my professor.  He replied “Gokul!, If you ask questions, please ask sensible questions”  everyone laughed at me. I felt ashamed. But I haven’t stopped asking questions, but the reply always remains the same :P. After someday I realized, the reason why my friends won’t ask questions is nothing but fear. Afraid of the professor’s reply ;). While teachers take classes, some of my friends sitting near me would ask some questions, though I am a person who seldom concentrates on classes, I ask them to ask the teacher itself. But they won’t. Always their doubt remains as a question. Source: Google Images I am a person who doesn't want to be a follower. I don’t want to carry out or hold any information without a rationale or a naked truth. Let me give two examples which I had

Burn the fuel

Hi, For 10 days I opened my blog and sat there for hours thinking what to write. I always believe that " What you are seeking is always seeking you".   Yes!! What I was seeking came to me as a phone call. A friend of mine called me to wish New year. As he was busy with his job and projects, he was not able to reach on Jan 1st. He told me " I was out of station for a couple of weeks, that's why I was not able to call you or text you. I went to the USA for presenting my dream project. Yes dude, finally my dream has become a reality. They accepted it".  Every time before ending the call he says  " Thank you   Again   my dear friend". Let’s say my friend's name is Mr.A ( not willing to reveal his real name) he is my childhood friend, but after schooling, we seldom contacted each other. We both chose different courses and moved to different places. May 10th 2015 was my sister's marriage. I invited him along with all my fr

Learn from kids

Hi, Perseverance: - " P ersistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success".                           Source: - Google Since yesterday morning my internet connection seemed slow, I restarted the modem, again and again, but still, it was slow as a snail. I called the service provider a couple of times but as usual received no response. Then I decided to visit their office which is a couple of kilometers from my home. I went to the kitchen to tell my mother that I was going to the BSNL office. My kid cousin Anirudh was sitting on the kitchen slab playing a video game.  After seeing my mother I went to the office. The officer in charge heard my complaint, checked and told me there was no problem with the connection. She said maybe the modem may not be functioning well and asked me to bring the modem so that she can check. I went back home after almost an hour at the office. When I reached home I found my cou