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Logic bubble

Hi, When I woke up today morning, I was thinking a subject to write. After a while, my mother came and asked me to go to the market and buy some fish. I thought ok!!, it's been so long I had visited the market. let's see the changes happened in the market over these days. My mother told me there is a pink colored plastic carry bag in the storeroom, take it when you leave. I moved to the store room, took the pink bag and moved. Because tomorrow is Christmas, the street seems empty. normally 11:00 AM will be one of the busiest time in a day here because it's the time market get's open. On the way to market, I found various people whom I have met long back, a couple of middle-aged people, some aunties, children's, etc.I faced some cliche questions to a 23-year-old jobless boy, like, have you completed your course?, what is your future plan?, why not government job etc..etc.. somehow I managed to answer those questions. finally, I reached the market. even thoug


 Gokul was a confused kid until he found what really excites him, what really motivates him. until he finished his masters he was unclear about what's next. he decided to take a break from everything for some time. he started traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures expecting a solution for his questions which he was carrying for years. He loves listening to people. he loves to give suggestions on their problems. he was astonished when he realized how differently people think and the factors that influence their thoughts and decision makings. A  boy who spent his entire childhood in a remote village believing world is as small as his village, the new experience and exposure slowly changed his view of the world. he realized what he saw till then was just a drop and the world yet to explore is an ocean. The epiphany stage. he decided to know more about the world. he chose two ways to learn about the new world. Read and Travel. his Journey has begun. from a person